Eid Wishes

Eid ul Fitr is coming soon. For you, there are a bunch of eid greeting cards available to send wishes to beloved ones. You can see them on the islamic greeting cards page on the main site. Alhabib has also published articles on eid wishes that you can copy or modify as SMS wishes, or […]

Love in the Qur’an

Love is an inherent part of ourselves. Love resides in our heart but manifests outwardly in various forms. Love can build our characters and dictate our actions. As a muslim, let see what Allah says about love in the Qur’an. Love to worldly enjoyment “It was made attractive to people, the love of things they […]

Eid Wishes Collection

Eid celebration, be it Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha, is one of the best times for muslims. The first one marks the end of fasting month Ramadan while the latter is the culmination of the Hajj where sacrifice animals are slaughtered, eaten and distributed among poors. Below are several eid wishes that may […]