Eid Wishes Collection

Eid Wishes

Eid celebration, be it Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha, is one of the best times for muslims. The first one marks the end of fasting month Ramadan while the latter is the culmination of the Hajj where sacrifice animals are slaughtered, eaten and distributed among poors. Below are several eid wishes that may … Read moreEid Wishes Collection

New Greeting Cards for Eid ul Adha & Hajj

New Eid and Hajj Greeting Cards at Alhabib Islamic Web Serrvice

Alhamdulillaah, praise be to Allah. Today we have the opportunity to add several islamic greeting cards to our collection. Thanks to a couple of brothers who have allowed their works be shared on Alhabib website, we have now a new Hajj card and several Eid ul Adha greeting cards. The hajj card features a beautiful … Read moreNew Greeting Cards for Eid ul Adha & Hajj

Eid ul Adha Mubarak 2009 Greeting Cards

Four days have elapsed since the islamic month of Dhulhijjah 1430 has started this year (2009). It is the month in which the annual hajj or pilgrimage to Ka’bah in Makkah takes place. The 10th of this month will mark the end of Hajj, where those performing the hajj as well as muslims elsewhere will … Read moreEid ul Adha Mubarak 2009 Greeting Cards

New: Hajj Mubarak Greeting Cards

Today, thousands of muslims from all over the world start preparing and traveling to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform the hajj ritual which is the fifth pillars of Islam. At the peak of the ritual, millions of pilgrimage will be circumbulating the Ka’bah, the sacred house of Allah while enchanting the words of praise and … Read moreNew: Hajj Mubarak Greeting Cards