New Greeting Cards for Eid ul Adha & Hajj

Alhamdulillaah, praise be to Allah. Today we have the opportunity to add several islamic greeting cards to our collection. Thanks to a couple of brothers who have allowed their works be shared on Alhabib website, we have now a new Hajj card and several Eid ul Adha greeting cards.

The hajj card features a beautiful photograph of pilgrims making their way through a tunnel with light at the open end. This has a deep spiritual meaning for hajj is a form of submission to Allah and a form of wishes for Allah’s guidance, Allah’s light.

The eid cards feature several beautiful designs ranging from a colourful card to simple but elegant cards.

So, go ahead to our islamic greeting card collection and send your best wishes for the coming eid and hajj.

8 thoughts on “New Greeting Cards for Eid ul Adha & Hajj

  1. farreha says:

    Nice site and all cards are good and depicts the hajj and Eid greetings

  2. Eid ul Adha is a big Islamic celebration.Share the joyous spirit of Eid ul-Adha with your with your family and friends with these cards.

  3. really very nice cards. I like these cards.

  4. onlinegreetingcards says:

    Its really wonderful collection Islamic greeting cards. I like Eid ul Adha and Hajj greeting cards.

  5. FlyHajj Team says:

    MashAllah – Lovely cards!

  6. Velvet Hui says:

    Thank you for the wonderful post! This is wonderful stuff.

  7. Sammi khan says:

    Beautiful Cards and I really like your all Cards.. 🙂

  8. Perfect Shia says:


    Very nice Cards and I like the widgets too. My favorite widget is "smiling cute little muslim".

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