Love in the Qur’an

Love is an inherent part of ourselves. Love resides in our heart but manifests outwardly in various forms. Love can build our characters and dictate our actions.

As a muslim, let see what Allah says about love in the Qur’an.

Love to worldly enjoyment

“It was made attractive to people, the love of things they crave; women, sons, heaped-up heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and will-tilled land. But that is for the enjoyment of this worldly life, But Allah, with Him is the beautiful homecoming” (Surah Imrân 3:14)

“They (the disbelievers) love this worldly life more than the Hereafter” (Surah Nahl 16:107)

Sacrificing what is loved

You will not attain righteousness, unless you give of that which you love” (Surah Imrân 3:92)

The believers’ love

“And yet there are some people, who replace Allah with rivals, loving them as Allah is loved. But the believers love Allah more intensely” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:165)

“O you believe  … Allah has made you love the Faith, and made it so beautiful in your hearts, and has made you hate disbelief, immorality and rebelliousness. These are the righteous. This is grace and bounty, from Allah, as Allah is All-knowledgeable and All-Wise” (Surah Hujurat 49:6-8)

“Say (O Mohammed) “If you do love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you, and forgive your sins, as Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful”. Surah Imrân (3:31)

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  1. Quran classes - 28-October-2013 Reply

    Above post is really informative for me .I am on line Quran teacher .

  2. islam - 7-February-2012 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your view with all Muslim brother in the world. It will help them to see and learn. Insha'Allah GOD will help all of us.

  3. Ojan - 28-May-2011 Reply

    I Love qur'an,,,

  4. Quran - 3-May-2011 Reply

    Love is the basic thing through which this world is existing, there are different people and we have different kind of love for them, we have love for our childerens, we have love for our country, we have love for our parrents, we have love for our religions (ISLAM), we have love for our Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) AND AS WELL WE HAVE LOG FOR ALLAH,, SO IT DEPENDS, THE PERSON OR THE EVENT WE DO,,

  5. MOHAMED - 2-May-2011 Reply

    Love God and love of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the faith and work

  6. Agencja interaktywna - 1-May-2011 Reply

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  7. kholis - 27-April-2011 Reply

    I like it.
    Alhaqqu birabbika fala takunanna minal mumtarin. Q.S. 2 / 147.

  8. Missy - 23-April-2011 Reply

    Where did you get this info? i read something similar on another islamic blog. thank you for sharing.

  9. rumahku - 23-April-2011 Reply

    oo….ko'…macam mana,,

  10. Islam Blog - 18-April-2011 Reply

    Mashallah, you have given here three important ayats from the Al-quran…

  11. Amale Umar Abdullahi - 15-April-2011 Reply

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  12. Selma Refae - 5-April-2011 Reply

    Please I urge guidence, I am Muslim and My Husband, Allaherjamo, When he was Alive, the Muslim, Comunity, of St Augustine, where the only ones Help me, but his family, the ones here in america, treatme with, blame, with disrespect, with indiference, to me and my kids, Is been 4 years, My house is falling down, in our heads, my son that soon will be 18, he became a desbeliver, he was a good muslim, I am sicking help, I am in Dunnellon, 18 miles from Ocala, Florida. and I am a good woman, please everybody stop talking to me or my kids, exept 2 great brothers, that always call, to ck on us. Please tell me, why after 20 years, this community treatme with, love and respect, but when he die, they blame me for his geath, he die of ANEURYSM in The Brain, and my kids are angry, to his aunt, in los angeles, and his uncle in Jac ksonville, never care to call, I am disable, and getting sicker, I seek help, guidance.why..why.. help me understand, why people do that, I am not a full arab, and i feel so hurt, I learn, how to cook, Arabic food, my whole family Disown me, because I became Muslim, I am alone onle my Mom and me and Allah.

    • ain - 7-April-2011

      Assalamualaikum ya ukhti,
      I raise my hand and pray that Allah AlMighty will take care of you and your family in his subtlest way (al Latif) and strenghten your iman. I hope and believe you will be generously rewarded in life or at the other side for your faith. I love you and I will always pray for your health and happiness.

  13. sid - 13-March-2011 Reply

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  14. laile - 10-March-2011 Reply

    the person i wanted to spend my life with was not able assume his responsibility towards me so he gave up on love, he was afraid of people talking instead of being afraid of Allah. may Allah forgive him the decision of letting me down.

  15. insico - 8-March-2011 Reply

    that is true… we're all born for love, i'ts principle of existence an only end. so be love in the qur'an it's same we love to who creat it (Allah). INSICO wait your visit in my blog . syukron

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