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Writings from contemplation, stories with hikmah and wisdom.

Allah always answer our dua.
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40 Rabbana – Dua (Supplication) from the Qur’an

This is a collection of duas (supplications) mentioned in the Qur’an for various occasions and from various…


The Life Span of Muslim Ummah is 1500 Years. Is it True?

Several people have expressed the same question regarding the life-span of Muslim Ummah. They wanted to know…


Video: Racism Kills

Below I share a video from Ahmed al Bukhatir that teaches us about prejudice and racism. Even…


The Best Dua is on the day of Arafah

Below is a few pictures of the best du’a on the day of Arafah. It is the…

Islamic Calendar, Tafakur

Infographic: Israk Mikraj

Below are two pictures that describe what Israk Mikraj is all about: one in english and the…

Islamic Calendar, Tafakur

Pictures: Fasting ‘Ashura 10th Muharram

Fasting on the day of ‘Ashura, the 10th of Muharram as well as a day before or…