Ramadan SMS and Wishes

Ucapan Menyambut Ramadhan - Kartu dari Alhabib

Ramadan is coming again. It is time to greet it with heart full of joy and wishes. It is time to remind our family and friends about this coming month of fasting and full of rewards and blessings. Here is a collection of Ramadan wishes that is relatively short for SMS, twitter tweeps or facebook … Read moreRamadan SMS and Wishes

Ramadan Greetings Widget for Your Blog

Ramadan is nearing fast. Most of you might still be wondering of what you can say, write or put on your websites and blogs to greet this holy month. So is Alhabib. But today, I am glad to announce the new islamic widget: Ramadan greetings with custom text.

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Ramadan is Coming: 4 New Greeting Cards

O Allah, how fast the time has passed by. It is only a week away, and your blessed month of Ramadan is in front of our doors. A month that is welcome by muslims months before its coming. As your last Prophet (pbuh) tought us, we used to pray: O Allah, bless us in the months of Rajab and Sha’ban, and bring us to witness the month of Ramadan. It is our great wishes and joy that we can meet Ramadan once again this year.

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