Manga-style Islamic Greeting Cards

Nine new greeting cards were added recently to the Islamic Wisdom collection. Thanks to Br. Nayzak, these manga-style cards were permitted to be shared for free in our Alhabib Islamic Web Service website.

If you are a big fan of manga, anime or cartoon-like characters, these cards are worth a look. Apart from showing the great artistic skill of their creator, the cards were designed to convey the prophetic message from our beloved messenger: Muhammad pbuh. There are nine of them with the following wisdoms:

  1. Seeking knowledge
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Self control
  4. Caring the orphan
  5. Animal care
  6. Planting trees
  7. Sincerety
  8. Husband and wife
  9. Visiting the sick

Once again, have a look this manga-style islamic greeting cards and hope you find them useful.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.


  1. Nineteenth Window

    According to the meaning of the verse:

    The seven heavens and the earth and all within them extol His limitless glory,and there is nothing but it extols His limitless glory and praise,18

    the All-Glorious Maker has attached so many meanings and instances of wisdom to the heavenly bodies it is as if, in order to express His Glory and Beauty, He has adorned the heavens with the words of the suns, moons and stars. And to the beings in the atmosphere also He has attached instances of wisdom and meanings and aims, as if to make it speak through the words of the thunder, lightening, and drops of rain, and give instruction in the perfection of His wisdom and beauty of His mercy.

    And just as He causes the head of the earth to speak with its meaningful words known as animals and plants and displays the perfections of His art to the universe, so too He makes speak the plants and trees, each a word of that head, through the words of their leaves, flowers, and fruits and again proclaims the perfection of His art and beauty of His mercy. And their flowers and fruits, too, He makes speak, through the words of their seeds, and gives instruction to the aware and conscious in the subtleties of His art and the perfection of His Dominicality. And so, out of these innumerable words of glorification, we shall lend our ears and listen to the manner of expression of only a single shoot and a single flower, and learn in what way they testify.

    Indeed, all plants and all trees describe their Maker with numerous tongues in such a way that they leave those who study them in amazement, causing them to exclaim: "Glory be to God! How wonderfully they bear witness to Him!"

    Yes, the glorification of all plants at the time their flowers open, and the moment they produce new shoots, and when they offer their smiling words is as beautiful and clear as themselves. For the order demonstrating wisdom through the beautiful mouth of each flower and the tongue of its well-ordered shoots and the words of its well-measured seeds is observedly within a balance which demonstrates knowledge. And the balance is within an embroidery of art which demonstrates skill and craft. And the embroidery of art is within an adornment which demonstrates favour and munificence. And the adornment is within subtle scents which demonstrate mercy and bestowal. And these meaningful qualities one within the other form such a tongue of testimony that it both describes the All-Beauteous Maker through His Names, and portrays Him through His attributes, and expounds the manifestation of His Names, and expresses His making Himself loved and known.

    And so, if you hear such testimony from a single flower, when you listen to all the flowers in the Dominical gardens on the face of the earth and hear with what elevated strength they proclaim the necessary existence and Unity of the All-Glorious Maker, will your doubts and suspicions and heedlessness be able to persist? If they do persist, should it be said of you that you are a conscious human being?

    Come, now look carefully at a tree! See its delicate mouth within the orderly emergence of the leaves in spring, and the blossoms opening in a measured manner, and the fruits swelling with wisdom and mercy and dancing at the blowing of the breeze in the hands of the branches like innocent children. See the just balance within the wise order expressed through the tongue of the leaves becoming green at a generous hand, through that of the flowers smiling with the joy of a favour received, and through the words of the fruits laughing through a manifestation of mercy. See the careful arts and embroideries within the balance demonstrating justice; and the mercy within the skilful embroideries and adornment; and the differing sweet tastes and delightful scents, which indicate to mercy and bestowal; and the seeds, each of which is a miracle of Power within the agreeable tastes: all these point in most clear fashion to the necessary existence and Unity of an All-Wise, Generous, Compassionate, Beneficent, Bountiful Maker, a Bestower of Beauty and Favours, to the beauty of His mercy and perfection of His Dominicality. Thus, if you can listen at the same time to the tongues of disposition of all the trees on the earth, you will see and understand what exquisite jewels are to be found in the treasury of the verse:

    All that is in the heavens and on the earth extols God's limitless glory.19

    And so, O you unhappy heedless one who supposes himself to be free through his ingratitude! If the All-Generous One of Beauty, Who makes Himself known to you and loved by you through these innumerable tongues had not wanted you to know Him, He would have silenced them. Since they have not been silenced, they should be heeded. You cannot be saved by closing your ears in heedlessness. For the universe does not fall silent at you stopping up your ears, the beings within it will not be silent, the witnesses to Divine Unity will not hold their tongues. And for sure, they will condemn you…

  2. Eighteenth Window

    Do they not consider the government of the heavens and the earth? 17

    Consider this comparison which is explained in the Twenty-Second Word: A fine, well-ordered, well-crafted work like a palace self-evidently points to a well-ordered act. That is to say, a building indicates to the act of building. And a fine, well-ordered act necessarily points to a proficient agent, a skilful master, a builder. And the titles of proficient master and builder point self-evidently to a perfect attribute, that is, to a faculty for the craft. And that perfect attribute and that perfect faculty for the craft self-evidently indicate to the existence of a perfect innate ability. And a perfect innate ability indicate to the existence of an exalted spirit and elevated essence.

    In just the same way, the ever-renewed works which fill the face of the earth, indeed the universe, show clearly acts of the utmost perfection. And these acts, which are in the sphere of total order and wisdom, point clearly to an agent whose titles and Names are perfect. For it is clearly obvious that well-ordered, wise acts cannot be without the one who performs them. And titles of the utmost perfection point to the utterly perfect attributes of that agent. For just as according to the rules of grammar, the active particle is formed from the infinitive [that is, what is called 'the root' in Arabic grammar], so also the source and roots of nouns, names and titles are attributes. And attributes at the utmost degree of perfection point indubitably to utterly perfect essential qualities. And those perfect essential qualities – which we are unable to describe – point most certainly to an essence which is at the utmost peak of perfection.

    Thus, since in every part of the world all the works of art and creatures are each a perfect work, each testifies to an act, and that act testifies to a Name, and that Name to an attribute, and that attribute to a quality, and that quality to the Essence. Thus, just as to the number of creatures they each testify to the necessary existence of the All-Glorious Maker and indicate to His Oneness, so too altogether they form an ascension in Divine knowledge as strong as the chains of beings. They form a proof of reality in continuous sequence into which doubt can in no way enter.

    So now, O wretched, heedless denier! With what can you smash this proof which is as strong as the chain of the universe? With what can you close this latticed window with its innumerable spaces which show rays of truth to the number of these creatures? Which veil of heedlessness can you draw over it?

  3. Seventeenth Window

    Indeed in the heavens and earth are signs for those who believe.15

    If we observe the face of the earth in the summer, we see that an absolute munificence and generosity, which necessitates confusion and disarrangement, is to be seen within a total harmony and order. Look at all the plants which adorn the face of the earth!

    And the utter speed in the creation of things, which necessitates imbalance and disorder, is apparent within a perfect equilibrium. Look at all the fruits which decorate the face of the earth!

    And an absolute multiplicity, which necessitates unimportance, indeed, ugliness, is apparent within a perfect beauty of art. Look at all the flowers which gild the face of the earth!

    And the absolute ease in the creation of things, which necessitates lack of art and simplicity, is to be seen within an infinite art and skill and attention. Look carefully at all seeds, which are like the tiny containers and programmes of the members of plants and trees and the small cases containing their life-histories!

    And the great distances, which necessitate difference and diversity, appear within an correspondence and conformity. Look at all the varieties of cereal grains sown in every part of the earth!

    And the total intermingling, which necessitates confusion and muddle, is on the contrary to be seen within a perfect differentiation and separation. Consider the perfect differentiation of seeds when they sprout, despite being cast into the earth all mixed-up together and all resembling one another with regard to their substance, and the various substances which enter trees being separated out perfectly for the leaves, flowers, and fruits, and the foods which enter the stomach all mixed-up together being separated out perfectly according to the various members and cells. See the perfect power within the perfect wisdom!

    And the great abundance and infinite profusion, which necessitate unimportance and worthlessness, are to be seen as most valuable and expensive in regard to the creatures and art on the face of the earth. Within these innumerable wonders of art, consider only the varieties of mulberry, those sweets of Divine Power, on the table of the All-Merciful One on the face of the earth! See them within the perfect mercy, the perfect art!

    And so, just as the day shows the light, and the light the sun, the great value together with the utter profusion; and the boundless intermingling and intermixing together with the utmost differentiation and separation within the utter profusion; and the great distance together with the utmost conformity and resemblance within the limitless differentiation and separation; and the infinite ease and facility together with the infinite care in the making within the utmost resemblance; and the absolute speed and rapidity together with the total equilibrium and balance and lack of waste within the most beautiful making; and the infinite abundance and multiplicity together with the highest degree of beauty of art within utter lack of waste; and the utmost munificence together with absolute order within the highest degree of beauty of art, all testify to the necessary existence, perfect power, beautiful Dominicality, and Unity and Oneness of an All-Powerful One of Glory, an All-Wise One of Perfection, an All-Compassionate and Beauteous One. They demonstrate the meaning of the verse:

    His are the Most Beautiful Names.16

    So now, O you wretched, ignorant, heedless, obstinate, idle one! With what can you interpret this mighty truth? With what can you explain this infinitely miraculous and wonderful state of affairs? To what can you attribute these truly extraordinary arts? What veil of heedlessness can you draw across this window as broad as the earth and so close it? Where is your chance and coincidence, your unconscious companion on which you rely and call 'Nature', your friend and support in misguidance? It is totally impossible for chance and coincidence to interfere in these matters, isn't it? And to attribute to 'Nature' one thousandth of them is impossible a thousand times over, isn't it?

    Or does lifeless, impotent Nature have immaterial machines and printing presses within each single thing, made from each, and to the number of each?

  4. Sixteenth Window

    The order and ordering in the creation and disposal of creatures, which are renewed season by season on the earth, show clearly a universal wisdom. Since an attribute cannot be without the one it qualifies, this universal wisdom necessarily shows an All-Wise One. And the wonderful adornment within the veil of wisdom, self-evidently shows a perfect beneficence. And that perfect beneficence necessarily points to a gracious, All-Generous Creator. And the all-encompassing benevolence and bestowal within the veil of beneficence show self-evidently an all-embracing mercy. And that all-embracing mercy shows necessarily an All-Merciful and All-Compassionate One. And the sustenance and foods of all living creatures above the veil of mercy, all perfectly appropriate for their needs, show clearly a sustaining Providence and a compassionate Dominicality. And that sustaining and administering necessarily point to an All-Generous Provider.

    Yes, each of the creatures on the face of the earth, thus raised with perfect wisdom, adorned with perfect beneficence, bestowed upon with perfect mercy, and nurtured with perfect compassion, testifies to the necessary existence of an All-Wise, Munificent, Compassionate, Providing Maker, and points to His Unity.

    So also look at and consider all together the universal wisdom which is apparent on the face of the earth as a whole and is to be seen in its totality and shows clearly purpose and will; and the perfect beneficence embracing all creatures, which comprises the wisdom; and the all-encompassing mercy, which comprises the beneficence and wisdom and includes all the beings of the earth; and the most generous sustaining and nurturing, which comprises the mercy and wisdom and beneficence and embraces all living creatures. Just as the seven colours form light, and the light, which illuminates the face of the earth, shows without doubt the sun, so too that beneficence within wisdom, and mercy within beneficence, and sustaining and nurturing within mercy show brilliantly on a large scale and at a high degree the Unity and perfect Dominicality of an utterly Wise, Generous, Compassionate, Providing Necessarily Existent One.

    And so, O you stupefied and heedless denier! With what can you explain this wise, generous, compassionate, providential sustaining, this strange, wonderful, miraculous state of affairs which is before your eyes? With chance and coincidence, which are aimless like you? With force, which is blind like your heart? With Nature, which is deaf like your head? With causes which are impotent, lifeless, and ignorant like you? Or do you want to give the name of 'Nature', which is utterly impotent, ignorant, deaf, blind, contingent, and wretched, to the All-Glorious One, Who is utterly holy, pure, exalted, and free of all defect and absolutely Powerful, Knowing, Hearing, and Seeing, and thus perpetrate an infinite error? So with what force can you extinguish this truth brilliant as the sun? Under which veil of heedlessness can you conceal it?

  5. Fourteenth Window

    Say: who is it in whose hands is the governance of all things?10 * And there is nothing but its treasuries are with Us.11 * There is not a moving creature but He has grasp of its forelock.12 * Indeed my Sustainer watches over and records all things.13

    According to the meaning of these verses, all things are in need of a single All-Glorious Creator in everything, in every matter and circumstance. Indeed, we look at the beings in the universe and we see that there is the manifestation of an absolute force within an absolute weakness. And the traces of an absolute power are apparent within an absolute impotence. Like, for example, the wonderful states and stages plants display when the life-force awakens in their seeds and roots. And there is the manifestation of an absolute wealth within an absolute poverty and dryness. Like the poverty of trees and the soil in winter and their glittering wealth and riches in the spring. And the sprinklings of an absolute life are apparent within an absolute lifelessness. Like the transformation of the elements into living matter.

    Also, there is the manifestation of an all-encompassing consciousness with an absolute ignorance. Like everything, from minute particles to the stars, acting consciously and conforming to the order of the universe and to the demands of wisdom and the things benefiting life. Thus, this power within impotence, and strength within weakness, and wealth and riches within poverty, and life and consciousness within lifelessness and ignorance necessarily and self-evidently open windows on every side onto the necessary existence and Unity of One Possessing Absolute Power and Absolute Strength, a Possessor of Absolute Riches, an Absolutely Knowing, All-Living and Self-Sufficient One. In their totality they point to a luminous highway on a vast scale.

    And so, O you heedless one who has fallen into the swamp of Nature! If you do not quit Nature and recognize Divine Power, you have to accept that in everything, in every minute particle even, reside an infinite force and power, a boundless wisdom and skill, and the ability to see, know, and administer most other beings.

    Fifteenth Window

    According to the meaning of the verse:

    Who has created everything in the best way,14

    everything is cut out according to its innate abilities with perfect measure and order, and put together with the finest art, in the shortest way, the best form, the lightest manner, and most practicable shape. Look at the clothes of birds, for example, and the easy way they ruffle up their feathers and all the time use them. Also, things are given bodies and dressed in forms in a wise manner with no waste and nothing in vain; they testify to their number to the necessary existence of an All-Wise Maker and point to that Possessor of Absolute Power and Knowledge.

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