Manga-style Islamic Greeting Cards

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Nine new greeting cards were added recently to the Islamic Wisdom collection. Thanks to Br. Nayzak, these manga-style cards were permitted to be shared for free in our Alhabib Islamic Web Service website.

If you are a big fan of manga, anime or cartoon-like characters, these cards are worth a look. Apart from showing the great artistic skill of their creator, the cards were designed to convey the prophetic message from our beloved messenger: Muhammad pbuh. There are nine of them with the following wisdoms:

  1. Seeking knowledge
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Self control
  4. Caring the orphan
  5. Animal care
  6. Planting trees
  7. Sincerety
  8. Husband and wife
  9. Visiting the sick

Once again, have a look this manga-style islamic greeting cards and hope you find them useful.

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