Islamic Calendar 2011 PDF Collection

As the islamic year 1431 AH coming to an end and the year 2010 also at its last months, it is time to look forward and see how the islamic calendar looks in 2011.

Alhabib has released its own islamic calendar 2011 both as web page and PDF ready to download. The calendar is available in two versions: Ummul Qura and Global Sighting Possibility.

Below is a collection of similar calendar for 2011 that you can download, view and print at your comfort. The calendars have various format and styles and may only be suitable for specific countries.

Hope that is useful…

13 thoughts on “Islamic Calendar 2011 PDF Collection

  1. mahetaab says:


  2. samba says:

    merci beacoup

    May Allah bless you

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  4. Ijaj says:


    Islamic Calendar 1432 for Makkah based on predicted moon visibility is available at
    contact them on incase you need more details.


  5. ceha says:

    terima kasih, insya Allah buat pedoman dan peningkatan keimanan dan keislaman.

  6. muhammad adnan says:

    plze send me a islamic celender pllllllllzzzzzzzzz

  7. najma says:

    i cant download it

    1. al_habib says:

      which one, i tried, i can open them. You can also try, right click on the calendar links, and then click the save target as (or similar menu).

  8. gousi says:

    thank you iam gousi

  9. Saumu says:

    Thank you, I am Kenyan I found the Islamic calendar in English. Be blessed.

  10. IslamInsideTheHeart says:

    Oh! Brother! I have got it. I have downloaded the "Saudi Aramco World 2011 Calendar" and found it in english. Thanks!!

  11. IslamInsideTheHeart says:

    Thanks Brother! I am Bangladehi people so I don't know Indonesian language! would you like to tell me which one of this calenders are written in english?

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