Islamic Calendar 2011 Available for Download

Alhamdulillaah, as the title says, the Islamic Calendar for the year 2011 is now available for download. The calendar covers the Hijri dates of the islamic year 1432 to 1433 anno hegira (AH, after hijra). There is also a list of important islamic dates or events that will, for example, tell you when will ramadan start next year.

We have prepared two versions:

The calendars can be viewed as plain HTML at the above locations. There you will have links to download the printable PDFs of the corresponding islamic calendar.

Hope you find the calendars useful.

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  1. haider says:

    islam islam islam islam !

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    I surely love the Prophet (S>A>W)

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    Assalamu Allaikum

    Pls i want you to forward Islamic calender with english date to me

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  7. allah ka ihsaan hai

  8. Caisha says:

    Asalaam Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

    Can you tell me the what is the difference between these 2 version: " Islamic Calendar 2011 based on Ummul Qura" and "Islamic Calendar 2011 based on Global Hilal Sighting Possibility"?

    Which one is the correct one?

    JazakaAllah Kher

    Asalaam Alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

    1. al_habib says:

      The differences are on the methods of calculation. You can browse our website for that info. Which one is correct? THere is no easy answer for this question since we, as muslims, globally, do not have yet a consensus on which method to use to calculate our islamic calendar.

  9. Usman A. Dala says:

    I surely love the Prophet (S>A>W)

  10. Faisal says:

    Asslamu alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah, This is a great work, it will help the muslim ummah in knowing their dates. Jazakallahu khairan

    Faisal M

  11. Syed Nurul Haq says:

    Please email me a copy of the islamic calendar

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  14. Rizwan Ahmed says:


    Dar All Brothers,

    i would like to request to you that i need "Urdu Islamic Calendar 2011" with Hijjri & English Days, all Islamic Festivals

    Many Thanks & Best Regards

    Rizwan Ahmed

    PLZ CONTACT MR, AZMAT ALI KHAN, 0300 400 2932
    FAZAL-E-RABBI, 0300 563 5547

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    Thank you very much, I downloded the calender. it is really useful.

  20. abdulla raqaak says:

    all praises be to ALLA blessing and salutations be apon muhamed (S.A.S)

  21. Anij says:

    Islamic Calendar 1432 [2011] for Makkah based on predicted visibility have been published at following location also.

  22. Anij says:

    Islamic Calendar 1432 [2011] for Makkah based on predicted visibility have been published at following location also.

  23. zulqenainbutt says:

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    1. ab razzaq says:

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    Mashalla this is very usefull side. i got very important knowledge about this side.

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    I am very happy to see a nice calender.

  27. Jazkallah , Alhamdulillah

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    Alhamdulillah, This is a great work, it will help the muslim ummah in knowing their dates. Jazakallahu khairan

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    thanks before hello guys I found your website from google, after I read your article I wanted to comment a little, that your writing is very inspiring and Creative, so keep writing and good writing

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    Thanks for the calendar, just downloaded 🙂

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    Many Tahnks

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  36. IslamInsideTheHeart says:

    Thank You So Much For Sharing This Beautiful Calendars.

  37. ukh dini says:

    happy ied mubarak…

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    Assalamu Walaikum all of you, and Eid Ul Adha Mubarak.

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  40. Shoeb says:

    this one is for 2011 islamic calendar…

    Thanks for the Creator of this site…..God bless all and save us from evil….

  41. Shoeb says:

    download link for 2011 islamic calendar..

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    copy and paste the download link ….

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    Muy feliz de encontrarlos Alhamdulillah!!! I¨m so happy to find this place,

    God Bless The Profet (S.A.S) and his descendant and the Umma.

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