Crescent visibility map for Shawwal 1434 AH on the evening of 7 August 2013.
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Crescent Visibility Map for Shawwal 1434 AH

The Astronomical New Moon is on August 6, 2013 (Tuesday) at 21:51 UT. This moon is not…

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Photos of Crescent Moons of Ramadhan 1434 AH

There was one report of hilal (crescent moon) sightings from  Tahiti, French Polynesia on the evening of…

Star writing at Alhabib - Coloring with Islam
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Official 1st Day of Ramadhan 1434

Official 1st Day of Ramadan in Different Countries Tuesday, 9 July 2013: Bosnia and Hercegovina (Follow Turkey)…

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Official: Saudi Arabia starts Ramadan July 10, 2013

Saudi Arabia has announced that Ramadan this year will start on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. This is…


Sha’ban, “the Month of Irrigating”

The month of Rajab is the month for planting, the month of Sha’ban is the month of…

Crescent moon for Sha'ban 1434 AH.
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Photo of Crescent Moon for Sha’ban 1434 AH

On the evening of Sunday, 9 June 2013, several people had reported the sighting of the new…