Saudi Arabia Abandons Islamic Calendar for Civil Servant Paydays

saudi-arabia-abandon-islamic-hijri-calendar-2016-octoberThe beginning of Islamic New Year 1438 AH (anno hegira, after hijra) sees Saudi Arabia, the land of islam, abandons the islamic calendar for base of their civil servant salary payments. Islamic calendar was used since the founding of the Kingdom in 1932.

As per 2 October 2016 the civil servant will have their salaries paid according to the western (gregorian) calendar system. This changes follow the private sector employers’ salary payment system.

This change of policy of part of the 5 decision made by the Saudi Government as per October 2016 to ease their expenses amid worsening economy due to low oil prices. These changes include visa fees, traffic law fines, incentive and bonus system.

Although this change should not affect any religious (islamic) based activities, abandoning islamic calendar system would make the preferred calendar of Islam, the chosen calendar of our early salaf, the best generation of islam, lose its mark in the daily life of muslims.

What an irony that the country which is the cradle of Islam, abandon its own calendar in preference to western system because of “worldly” reason.


Source: Gulf News

Habib bin Hilal

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