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Islamophobic Politician Reverted to Islam

In the early days of Islam, Omar, who would later become a caliph, was in a frenzied…

Muslima in tears.

Wise Words about Woman

Beautiful words to the wise… Be careful if you make a women cry because Allah the most…

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Ten English Words that Come from Arabic

It is well known that muslims had reached their golden age at around 1000 far preceeding the…

Crescent for Jumadal Thani 1434 AH seen from USA.
Islamic Calendar

Pictures of Crescent Moon for Jumadal Thani 1434 AH

The crescent moon, that marks the beginning of the islamic month of Jumadal Thani 1434 AH, has…

Islamic Calendar Widget
Islamic Calendar

The Meanings of the Months in Islamic Calendar

The islamic calendar is purely lunar and consists of 12 months. While it is a divine order…

Islamic Calendar

UAE: Ramadan 1434 AH will start on July 10, 2013

According to the announcement made by Sharjah Planetarium at the (United Arab Emirates) UAE Department of Culture…