Ramadan Prayer Timetable for 1438 AH (2017) is Available

Alhamdulillah, the ramadan prayer timetable for 1438 AH (2017) is now available at our site: Alhabib – Coloring with Islam. The ramadan salat times include imsaak times ten minutes before the Fajr salat times. The page includes options to view the ramadan prayer timetable online or download it as PDF and Excel file. This provides … Read moreRamadan Prayer Timetable for 1438 AH (2017) is Available

Yearly Prayer Timetable Generator Available at Alhabib

Alhamdulillah, today we have published a new service at our main website that enables visitors to create their own Prayer Timetable. Currently, it is available for yearly basis. The service will calculate salat times for a given location or cities in the world. It tries to determine the exact geographical coordinates using Google Map service … Read moreYearly Prayer Timetable Generator Available at Alhabib

Make & Download Ramadan Prayer Timetable

Ramadan Prayer Timetable Screenshot

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah who has given us the resources to finish another service for muslim at Alhabib Web Service: Ramadan Prayer Timetable generator. The Ramadan Prayer Timetable page is an online service that allows the creation of prayer timetable for the hijri month of Ramadan for almost any cities or places in the … Read moreMake & Download Ramadan Prayer Timetable

Download Islamic Calendar 2014 in PDF!

Alhamdulillah, the islamic calendar corresponding the gregorian calendar of 2014 is now available for download as PDF at Alhabib Web Service. As usual, you can view the calendar online or download it as PDF. The calendar spans year 1435 and 1436 AH. You will also have the list of important islamic dates for 2014 with … Read moreDownload Islamic Calendar 2014 in PDF!

Alhabib’s Alexa Ranking is now on Top 100,000

Alhabib's Alexa Traffic Ranks with Annotated Peaks

Alhamdulillah, praise all be to Allah. In the last six months or so, the Alexa Website Ranking of Alhabib Islamic Web Service website was below 100.000 on average. As of today, the 3-month average is 85,615 for the traffic rank. This means that Alhabib’s website is now twice as popular as a year ago when … Read moreAlhabib’s Alexa Ranking is now on Top 100,000

Manga-style Islamic Greeting Cards

Manga-style Islamic Greeting Card

Nine new greeting cards were added recently to the Islamic Wisdom collection. Thanks to Br. Nayzak, these manga-style cards were permitted to be shared for free in our Alhabib Islamic Web Service website. If you are a big fan of manga, anime or cartoon-like characters, these cards are worth a look. Apart from showing the … Read moreManga-style Islamic Greeting Cards

Eid ul Fitr 1431 AH Wishes

To muslims around the world, the visitors of this blog and users of Alhabib Islamic Web Service, we would like to say: EID MUBARAK! Taqabbalallaahu minnaa wan minkum May Allah accept our good deeds during the month of Ramadan. May Allah bestow His Mercy and Guidance upon us in the days to come. Happy Eid … Read moreEid ul Fitr 1431 AH Wishes

Tribute to Gaza, Palestine Wallpapers

A couple days ago you have seen a new addition to the IslamicStyle Gallery featuring a wallpaper to show support for the oppressed Gaza in the Palestine. We will adding more islamic wallpapers in this theme in the coming days, inshaallaah. So, stay tuned and watch for more wallpapers in the gallery. Here are preview … Read moreTribute to Gaza, Palestine Wallpapers

Golden Islamic Wallpapers of Prophet Muhammad

Golden Seal of the Prophet Muhammad

You may have noticed that there is a special blog from Alhabib that features beautiful islamic pictures, wallpapers and other publications. Yes, if you notice the thumbnails on the top right, they are from the IslamicStyle Gallery. From today till the first week of the new year 2010, there will be inshaallaah, a serie of … Read moreGolden Islamic Wallpapers of Prophet Muhammad