New: Hajj Mubarak Greeting Cards

Today, thousands of muslims from all over the world start preparing and traveling to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform the hajj ritual which is the fifth pillars of Islam. At the peak of the ritual, millions of pilgrimage will be circumbulating the Ka’bah, the sacred house of Allah while enchanting the words of praise and submission to Allah. They follow the calls and rituals started thousand years ago by the Prophet Ibrahim.

To commemorate this event and to provide muslims a way to say best wishes to their fellow brothers and siters who are performing hajj, Alhabib has been providing hajj greeting cards. And today, there are two new cards in this theme, Hajj Mubarak: Hajj is a Submission and the Beauty of Ka’bah. The first one is to convey the message that Hajj is not an achievement of which people should be proud. Rather it is an expression of full faith and submission to the will of Allah. The second presents a passage of poem by Ibnul Qayyim al Jauziyah about the overwhelming experience one will have in front of Ka’bah during the hajj.

The cards are already included in the islamic greeting card collection and are available in english and bahasa indonesia. So go there and have a look.

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