Ramadan Greetings Widget for Your Blog

Ramadan is nearing fast. Most of you might still be wondering of what you can say, write or put on your websites and blogs to greet this holy month. So is Alhabib. But today, I am glad to announce the new islamic widget: Ramadan greetings with custom text.

It is a kind of greeting card. It is also like a banner that you can insert and display on your blogs to welcome this special month. It also features a smooth oriental music that can be turned on or off. I took the wisdom of Ramadan as a special month that Allah has bestowed upon us. A special month that is promised to be full of forgiveness from Allah, so that we can get rid of all our sins. This wisdom is then transfered to the design of the widget.

Follow this link to see the widget.

This widget is accompanied by a ramadan greeting card with similar theme which you can see in the greeting card collection.

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