Embracing the Arrival of Jumadal Akhirah 1445 AH: A Spiritual Sojourn

Crescent moon visibility map in the evening of Wednesday, 13 December 2023. Only South America can see the crescent moon of Jumadal Akhirah 1445 easily.

Dear esteemed readers, In our contemplative journey through the Islamic calendar, we stand at the threshold of the forthcoming month — Jumadal Akhirah 1445 AH. Join me in exploring the profound celestial dynamics that govern the onset of this sacred… Continue Reading

Crescent Moon Photos of Jumadal Akhirah 1442 AH

Foto hilal 1 Jumadal Akhirah 1442 H yang dipotret oleh Esmeralda Sosa dari Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentian pada petang hari Rabu, 13 Januari 2021 M (https://esplaobs02.blogspot.com/2021/01/la-luna-07-jupiter-mercurio-desde.html).

As predicted from Crescent Moon Visibility Map for Jumadal Akhirah 1442 AH (see HilalMap above), on Wednesday evening, 13 January 2021, the very thin crescent moon was sighted from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Esmeralda Sosa took a picture of the… Continue Reading