Photos of the Crescent Moon of Dhul-Hijja 1440

Crescent moon of 1 Dhul-Hijja 1440 AH as photographed from California, USA, on Thursday, 1 August 2019. © Youssef Ismail

As predicted by the Crescent Moon Visibility Map of Dhul-Hijja 1440 AH, the crescent moon would be visible for people in the American continent on the evening of Thursday, 1 August 2019. All other places east to the USA have reported negative sightings, except from Saudi Arabia and Indonesia where claims of positive sightings were … Read morePhotos of the Crescent Moon of Dhul-Hijja 1440

Crescent Moon Photos for 1 Dhul-Qa’dah 1440 AH

The crescent moon (hilaal) that marks the beginning of the 11-th islamic month of Dhul-Qa’dah was seen on the evening of Wednesday, 3 July 2019 from several places in the world. So far, however, until this post is written, we have not received any straight-from-the-camera photo of the crescent moon. The earliest report was from … Read moreCrescent Moon Photos for 1 Dhul-Qa’dah 1440 AH

Crescent Moon (Hilaal) Photos of Jumadal Awla 1440 Hijri

Photo of the new crescent moon (hilaal) of Jumadal Awla 1440 AH as sighted from Swiss on Monday 7 January 2019.

The islamic hijri month of Jumadal Awla 1440 AH was marked by the sighting of new crescent moons (hilaal) that were visible on the evening of Monday, 7 January 2019. There was no report of positive sighting on Sunday, the day before, so far. Thus, 1 Jumadal Awla 1440 AH starts on Tuesday, 8 January … Read moreCrescent Moon (Hilaal) Photos of Jumadal Awla 1440 Hijri

Crescent Moon Foto: 1 Rajab 1439 AH Starts on Monday, 19 March 2018

From West Java, thin crescent moon of 1 Rajab 1439 AH also sighted on Sunday.

The crescent moon of the islamic month Rajab 1439 AH has been sighted all over the world on the evening of Sunday, 18 March 2018. Therefore, the start of the hijri month, 1 Rajab 1439 AH, corresponds to Monday, 19 March 2018. Below are some of the crescent moon photos captured on Sunday.

Photos: Hilaal (Crescent Moon) of Sha’ban 1438 AH

The photo of the crescent moon (hilaal) of 1 Sha'ban 1438 AH taken from Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia on 27 April 2017.

The first crescent moon (hilaal) of Sha’ban 1438 AH has been sighted in several places from Australia and Indonesia. I myself, saw the thin crescent of 1 Sha’ban 1438 AH from Perth, Australia on the evening of 27 April 2017. Below are collection of the hilaal photos of Sha’ban 1438 AH taken from other places. … Read morePhotos: Hilaal (Crescent Moon) of Sha’ban 1438 AH