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Today, Alhabib Website Ranking Hits below 200,000

As I watched the Alexa banner on my website today, I noticed that the traffic ranking has…

Islamic Hijri Calendar Converter
How To, Islamic Calendar

Hijri Calendar Converter Widget Released

Sometimes ago, a visitor ask me after visiting my Hijri Calendar Converter Page: “how can i put…

Other Islamic Widgets

Salam welcome message ticker

This is the first attempt to make a serie of animated, islamic message ticker. It will display…

Other Islamic Widgets

Animated Flag of the Islamic World Widget

Today, I announce the latest addition to the Alhabib Islamic Widget collections: Animated Flags of the Islamic…

How To, Other Islamic Widgets

Dress up your Firefox with Islamic Personas

This post is specific for Firefox browser users. Some of you may have use Personas to give…

Star writing at Alhabib - Coloring with Islam
Other Islamic Widgets

Custom Latin Text Color for Asmaul Husna Widget

Just a quick announcement: I have just managed to apply an update to the 99 Beautiful Names…