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Islamic Widgets as Vista Sidebar Gadgets and Yahoo! Widgets

I have just updated the post options for the Alhabib Islamic Widgets to be more interactive and…

How To

You can now put islamic flash widget on your wordpress blog

I just found an arabic version of this how-to here. أضف التقويم الهجري إلى مدونتك المجانية …..

Islamic Calendar

Islamic Calendar Widget for free WordPress Re-activated

As the old website is now almost completely transfered to the new domain at, I decided…

Alhabib Website

Alhabib Islamic Widget Site Moved

I just want to write a short announcement post. Finally, the main site of Alhabib Islamic Widgets…

Star writing at Alhabib - Coloring with Islam
Other Islamic Widgets

Asmaul Husna Widget: the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

The asmaul husna or the beautiful names of Allah are well known among muslims and are encouraged…

Islamic Calendar

Islamic Calendar Widget with Floral and Swirl Ornament

This is the preview of the latest widget released at Alhabib Islamic Widget site. It displays current…