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Web clocks with islamic themes.

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Islamic Widgets as Vista Sidebar Gadgets and Yahoo! Widgets

I have just updated the post options for the Alhabib Islamic Widgets to be more interactive and…

Islamic Clock Widget

Digital Islamic Clock Widgets Relesead

A week ago, Alhabib’s Islamic Widgets site starts adding digital clocks to its extensive collection of islamic…

Islamic Clock Widget

Solidarity for Palestine Badge Clocks

As the bombing of Gaza Strip continues, the worst and deadliest in decades, i decided to create…

Islamic Clock Widget

Malaysian Islamic Party Clock Widgets

As I analysed the traffics to my website, it turns out that many visitors come from Malaysia….

Islamic Clock - Shahadah
Islamic Clock Widget

Islamic Clocks Are Now Going Global

Today, two new clocks are added to the islamic clock collection: Shahadah and Love Allah! clocks. The…

Star writing at Alhabib - Coloring with Islam
Islamic Clock Widget

Indonesian Islamic Party Clock Widgets

After about a month going off-line, the clock widgets showing the logos of indonesian political parties that…