Islamic Clocks Are Now Going Global

Today, two new clocks are added to the islamic clock collection: Shahadah and Love Allah! clocks. The former was built from the earlier clocks and shows a calligraphy of the sentence Shahadah or proclamation to accept islamic faith: laa ilaaha illallaah, muhammad arrasuulullaah (the is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). Such design can also be seen on the flag of Saudi Arabia or the Khilafah Flag of Hizbut Tahrir.

The later displays a red heart with the arabic word of Allah written on it. It is meant to express our love to Allah. To express that Allah is always in our heart, to show that we are always in remembrance of Him.

Another special feature of the clocks are the availability of time zone setting. That means, now you can set the displayed time to a specific location with a specific time zone. The time zone setting is expressed as minutes difference between your specified location to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This feature will slowly available to the previous clock collections, inshaallah.

So, as I write on the title, the islamic clock widgets are now going global.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.


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