Photos of crescent moon of Shawal 1441 H

As predicted before, the crescent moon that marks the beginning of hijri month of Shawwal 1441 H was not sighted until Saturday evening. 23 May 2020. The first photos of the crescent moon we obtained was from Indonesia and Malaysia. The crescent moon of Shawal was, however, not visible by naked eyes from both countries. They were only visible as stacked CCD images.

Below are several photos of crescent moon that marked 1 Shawal 1441 A H.

Very thin crescent moon of 1 Shawal 1441 AH capured by CCD imaging from Malaysia on Saturday evening, 23 May 2020.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.

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