Beautiful Ramadan Wallpapers from ShareIslam

One of my favorite islamic website is ShareIslam. It is full of good articles, multimedia contents, free downloads and many beautiful wallpapers with islamic themes. The website itself is also very artistically designed incorporating various islamic symbols and design elements. It is a website worth of visiting and bookmarking.

They have just added a set of wallpapers for the fasting month entitled: Ramadan Reminders. It is designed to remind muslim about the holy month and the activities that accompany it. So there are mosque, quran and date palm symbols to represent the atmosphere of Ramadan.

This set is the latest addition to several other beautiful wallpapers by ShareIslam. In the original site however, they are not organised into one place. You have to browse through several menus to get them all. But do not worry, you can see the complete collection in Alhabib’s IslamicStyle Gallery.

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