Islamic Style Gallery Launched

Islam with its many facets has been transforming the lives of many muslims. Not only in the religious rituals, the transformation can be seen in their day-by-day activities. In the age of media and internet islam finds its way to be the source of inspiration in many works. The internet is flourished with various muslim sites and blogs. Not only the contents are of islamic values, the designs and layouts of many of them are also in islamic style. Many computer programs and gagdets are developed to deal with muslims’ problems and requirements. And as many muslims own personal computers or other telecommunication media, they start to personalise these things with islamic bacgrounds, wallpapers, musics, utilities, gadgets and so on.

So, what is this Islamic Style Gallery all about? Well, it is basically a collection of wallpapers, backgrounds, website screenshots, pictures, posters, advertisings and other visual works and design elements that are designed and made with islamic style or aimed at muslim audience or inspired by the islamic values and wisdoms. This gallery is aimed to showcase the best of them (at least to my taste and rating). This way, it can also serve as a pool of inspiration for other muslims to follow and to get some idea from.

The current collection is mainly with wallpapers ramadan theme. Hopefully, with the passing of time it will grow with many more categories.

So have a look, and pass me your comments.

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  1. I genuinely liked your innovative angle that you have on the topic. Certainly wasn’t thinking on this at the time I begun browsing for tips. Your ideas were totally simple to understand. Happy to find that there’s an person online that obviously understands on the spot what its is talking about.

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