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Kata Mutiara Islam: Dunia hanyalah kesenangan yang menipu - Al Hadid: 20

Islamic Quotes on Life of this World

Life in this world, on the surface of earth, is, for muslims, but a short enjoyment, a quick stop for the next eternal life in the hereafter. Although short and very brief compared to the life after death, it is the decisive one. Treat the life in this world wrongly, then you will be disgraced …

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Mutiara Hikmah Islam

Islamic Quotes from Al Hasan Al Basree

Al-Hasan al-Basree, was born in Madinah, 642 CE and was, in fact, the son of Yasar, the slave of Zayd Ibn Thabet Al Ansari. His mother Ummul Hasan was a slave woman of Ummu Salamah, the wife of the Prophet peace be upon him. So he was born in the house of the Prophet, and …

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Islamic Quote Collection Updated

All praise be to Allah. The recently released Daily Islamic Quote Widget has been so popular that until now, it hase been more than 1000 times installed. So as not to disappoint these many users, I have added more islamic quotes available for the widget. The initial release has access to about 60 english quotes …

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