Islamic Clocks Are Now Going Global

Islamic Clock - Shahadah

Today, two new clocks are added to the islamic clock collection: Shahadah and Love Allah! clocks. The former was built from the earlier clocks and shows a calligraphy of the sentence Shahadah or proclamation to accept islamic faith: laa ilaaha illallaah, muhammad arrasuulullaah (the is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). Such design can also be seen on the flag of Saudi Arabia or the Khilafah Flag of Hizbut Tahrir.

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Indonesian Islamic Party Clock Widgets

Star writing at Alhabib - Coloring with Islam

After about a month going off-line, the clock widgets showing the logos of indonesian political parties that are rooted from muslim constituents are now back on. These political parties will compete to amass support on the parliamentary general election that will be held in April 2009. There are eight of them, namely (in order of … Read moreIndonesian Islamic Party Clock Widgets

A New Animated Eid Mubarak Greeting Card

Today, I released a new, flash-animated, eid greeting card. It is just a small makeover of my previous greeting card for the occassion of Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah). The card features a Ka’bah symbol that hides a hidden message for the occasion of Eid. The hidden message is… ups, I think I should stop telling … Read moreA New Animated Eid Mubarak Greeting Card

New Eid Greeting Cards by Alhabib

There is one new greeting card suitable for Eid Mubarak occasion this coming week. As usual it is hosted in our Islamic Greeting Card site. The design incorporate a white silhoutte of a mosque with a calligraphic ornament that reads: Eid Mubarak! The eid wishes that are written on the greeting card is: Wishing You … Read moreNew Eid Greeting Cards by Alhabib