Photo of Crescent Moon for Sha’ban 1434 AH

On the evening of Sunday, 9 June 2013, several people had reported the sighting of the new crescent moon (hilal). No sighting was reported for Saturday, the day before.

From Libya, Muhammad Odeh and his colleagues succeded in obtaining CCD image of the crescent moon for Sha’ban by daylight observation as well as evening observation. Below is one of the CCD photo of the hilal.


Crescent moon for Sha'ban 1434 AH.

Crescent moon was imaged with CCD camera from telescope by Tawfik Talu in Libya on the evening of 09 June 2013. This hilal marks the beginning of islamic month of Sha’ban 1434 AH. © ICOP

Other reports of hilal sighting were obtained from Iran and South Africa. No photos were given from Iran where the report said that the crescent was only visible through 120mm telescope. From South Africa, unaided-eye sightings were reported from many places there.

Habib bin Hilal

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