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Writings from contemplation, stories with hikmah and wisdom.

From You, Tafakur

I Want to Recite Qur’an to My Mom: A moving story

Ahmed was 11 years old when his mother (a single mom) dropped him off for his first…


Beautiful Advice from Muhammad Ali on Hijab

Who has not known this man? Muhammad Ali, the legend on the boxing ring? While many know…


The story of Malik ibn Dinar

Below is an article we get from forum about a touching stroy of a muslim scholar….

domba-qurban-idul adha

Eid ul Adha: Trial of Love of the Beloved Friend of Allah

Eid ul Adha has a very special meaning to muslims. It is not just days of celebration…

Jizya, tax payed by non-muslims to a muslim state
From You, Tafakur

Jizya (Tax Levied Upon Non-Muslim): Oppression or Beneficial?

While in primary school, I came across the word jizya for the first time in my life….

Simple supplication that will erase our sins

Simple Deeds That Will Erase Our Sins

Man often makes mistakes and is forgetful. Therefore it is natural if we sometimes do sinful acts…