Let’s Make the Most of Ramadan

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الجمعة 18 شعبان 1433

Brothers and siters, the most special month for a muslim is Ramadan and it is approaching us. It is a month full of rewards, forgiveness and mercy from Allah.

However, just like a diamond hidden deep in the earth, you will never feel and understand how precious it is until you reach it, grab it, and make use of it. While Ramadan is so precious, ironically, many could not reap the full benefit of it except thinner waist from hunger.

Here are ten tips for a productive Ramadan

  1. Have sincere intention and work hard. Make lots of dua for an ultimate productive Ramadhan!
  2. Plan your day the night before. Choose 3 important tasks you wan to achieve next day. Record it in diary.
  3. Never ever miss Suhoor! Wake up at least 1 hour before Fajr. Have a filling balanced meal.
  4. Start working on your most important tasks right after Fajr and get at least 1 or 2 done.
  5. Try to get an afternoon nap. Not more than 20 minutes, either just before Dhuhur or after Dhuhur.
  6. Plan your Ramadan days around Salah times. Not the other day way round!
  7. Block at least 1 hour for reciting Quran each day.
  8. Don’t miss any opportunity for Dawah! When someone ask you why you are not eating. Give them a beautiful explanation of Ramadan and Islam.
  9. Break your fast with dates and milk or dates and water.
  10. Give lots of ‘physical Sadaqah’. Get involved in organizing community Iftars, charity drives, helping orphans, etc. Earn rewards working for others.

(taken from productiveramadan.com)

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