When the Richest Turns the Poorest

This is an excertp from the book – Keys to Happiness in Islam.

Happiness in islam does not relate solely to the wealth or richness of someone. Islam deals more towards inner happiness and spreading happiness to other fellow muslims.

The teachings of Islam will most certainly cause you to forget your worries and will make you patient. It will move you from the sphere of discontentment to one of contentment. Here is something that one should be mindful of, Islam does not order its followers to become monks or to distance themselves from worldly pleasures; on the contrary, it requires of a believer to utilize whatever worldly possessions they have to acquire true happiness.

Whoever has a position of power should use his power to spread the religion of God and to take care of the needs of his fellow brothers and sisters.

God says: Whoever intercedes for a good cause will have a share [i.e., reward] there from; and whoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a portion [i.e., burden] there from. And ever is Allah, over all things, a Keeper. (4:85)

Whoever has wealth should use that wealth in the path of God and to help alleviate the problems of his fellow brothers.

God says: And those within whose wealth is a known right for the petitioner and the deprived. (70:24-5)

no-one-can-bring-happiness-except-allahThe Prophet () clarified what will happen with one’s wealth. He said: ‚The son of Adam will say: ‚My wealth, my wealth‛, it will be said: ‚O son of Adam, your wealth is none other than that which you consumed and it turned to waste, or that which you wore and wore it out, or that which you gave in charity and kept it for yourself.‛ (Muslim)

The Messenger of Allah () is the example for all Muslims and every Muslim tries hard to emulate him. Abu Dharr, one of the Companions of the Prophet, said: ‘I was walking with the Prophet () in Madinah till we reached the Mount of Uhud. The Prophet () said: „O Abu Dharr!’ I replied: ‘Yes O Messenger of Allah.’ He said: ‘If I had a mountain-load of gold the size of Mount Uhud, I would distribute it all within three days, and would only take of it, to pay off a debt.’ The Prophet () then said: ‘Those who are the richest in this world will be the poorest on the Day of Resurrection, except if they give out in the path of Allah and indeed very few are they.‛ (Bukhari)


Habib bin Hilal

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