Dress up your Firefox with Islamic Personas

This post is specific for Firefox browser users.

Personas for Firefox

Some of you may have use Personas to give a personal touch to your favourite browser. Personas enables user to choose ‘a dress’ of custom image for the usually plain-colored browser window.

I just recognise this add-on recently. However, this Personas is already some month olds. The folk at Mozilla Labs, the home of Firefox, has now setup a Personas Gallery with more than 10,000 entries. The Gallery is set up in various categories ranging from Firefox theme to Causes and Website theme. It accepts entries from everyone who wants to become a Personas Designer.


I have created several test Personas with islamic theme and submitted to the Gallery to be shared for everyone. So, have them a try by visiting Alhabib Personas Gallery. But before you can use the Personas you have to install the add-on first.

I hope you find this useful.

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