Animated Flag of the Islamic World Widget

Today, I announce the latest addition to the Alhabib Islamic Widget collections: Animated Flags of the Islamic World. This would be a serie of waving flags from several prominent muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Turkey. The serie would also feature traditional flag of the islamic world, such as the “Tahlil” flag, depicting the phrase shahadah.

For the initial release, you can try the white, animated Tahlil flag, or the  following flags:

Organization of Islamic Conference
Muslim League
the Turkey
Saudi Arabia

Personally, I like the waving effect produced by the flash widget. It is almost like a real flag, blown by the wind in a slow motion.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.


  1. good works for islam and muslims in way of Allahsubhanwatalah..Allah-Hafiz…

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