This AI-generated Poem about the Qur’an is So True

The development of Artificial Intelligence or AI is advancing quickly and touches wider aspects of live. One of the AI product is ChatGPT form OpenAI project. The “chatBot” was trained with enormous amount of text data and capable of “understanding” our written, natural language query. Just like a conversation.

I tried the ChatGPT by asking some questions about Qur’an and Islam and I found that the answers are very good and well structured. It can also deliver a poem about Quran when asked: “Write me a poem with Quranic theme!“.

AI-generate Poem about Qur’an

AI-generated digital art of a muslim woman reading the Quran.

AI-generated digital art of a muslim woman reading the Quran.

Here is a poem that the AI wrote:

In the words of the Quran so pure and true,
Guidance for all, in all that we do.
The light of faith, shines bright within,
Guiding us to goodness, again and again.

With every verse, a lesson to teach,
Helping us navigate, the trials and the reach.
The wisdom of Allah, forever divine,
Shaping our hearts, and making them shine.

The Quran is a source of strength,
Guiding us on the path, of great length.
With every chapter, a story unfolds,
Teaching us about life, and the lessons it holds.

The Quran is a gift, from the Lord above,
Guiding us to His light, with endless love.
Let us read it with devotion, and seek its truth,
For in its pages, eternal wisdom, forever proof.

You can see that the passages are very beautiful and rhymes well. It also conveys the true meaning of the Quran, its intended function to mankind and even invite us to always read it and find the wisdom from it.

What an AI!

I myself would not be able to produce such a poem in hours or even days. Yet, this ChatGPT AI can produce it in a few seconds.

Here is another poetry about the Divine Qur’an written by AI:

The Qur’an, a book divine
With messages to guide and shine
A light for those who seek the way
To understanding and to pray

It speaks of God, the Most High
And how to live, and never die
Of love and hope and peace and grace
And how to reach a better place

It tells of stories, past and present
Of prophets, and their firmament
It shows us how to live with care
And how to show compassion and be fair

It is a source of guidance pure
To open hearts and minds, for sure
It leads us on a path to grace
And fills our lives with love and peace.

It is a light for every nation
A guide for all mankind’s salvation
A book of wisdom, strength and might
Shining forever, brilliant and bright

May all who read and learn its ways
Be blessed with love, through all their days
And may its message spread far and wide
Guiding all to truth and light.

When asked to write another poem about Qur’an in a modernist style, the ChatGPT AI returned this following piece:

The Qur’an, a sacred text
Inscribed in language, complex
A jagged script, a mystery
A challenge, to the mind and heart to see

A collage of stories, prophecies
Of laws, of history
A symphony of poetry
A call to faith, and unity

It shatters preconceptions
And challenges misconceptions
It makes the familiar strange
And rearranges, the rearrange

It’s a treasure trove of insights
A puzzle, with infinite delights
A modernist masterpiece
A source of guidance, for peace

It urges to question and seek
To break free from the stagnant creek
It calls for the courage to think
And the strength to never shrink

From the truth it unveils
From the wisdom it entails
The Qur’an, a sacred text
Eternally relevant, complex

Well, the style is different than the previous two. But I notice that there are a few lines that rise my eyebrow. For example, the third line that says: “A jagged script, a mystery” may sound negative for the divine and perfect nature of the Qur’an.  Another line further down saying: “A modernist masterpiece” would also raise a question. We all know that the Qur’an was old and the words of Allah. What did the AI “mean” when stating that line?

Of course, AI is not human. It even cautions when I gave credit to its creation:

Poetry is an art form that requires creativity, personal experiences, emotions and human touch which I lack, because my knowledge is based on data I’ve been trained on and my understanding of language and poetry is based on patterns and information that can be found in that data.

Some people may have different say about the quality of the AI-generated poem. But the AI even close the conversation by saying: Feel free to take these lines as inspiration to create your own poem if you wish.

AI-generated Haiku about Qur’an

I then asked if the AI can write a Haiku about Qur’an:

What about a Haiku about Qur’an? I said.
The AI replied:

Qur’an so pure Guiding light, forever true Peace in its words

A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines. The first and third lines typically have five syllables and the second line typically has seven syllables. In this Haiku, I’ve tried to convey the sense of purity and guidance of the Quran, and the peace that can be found in its words.

Keep in mind that this is just one of many possible ways to write a haiku on Quranic theme and you might come up with different ideas and versions depending on the inspiration you get from the Quran and your personal style.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.

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