Update: Qibla Direction on Prayer Times Widget

This is just a quick update of the image-based Prayer Times Widget that was released sometimes ago.

As you notice, one of the feature of the widget is the ability to display Qibla information for the given location. It displays simple designation of the qibla direction relative to the main directions of north, east, south, and west. In addition, the widget may also provide more info on how to determine that qibla direction using the sun or its shadow. It will provide information about at what time the sun or the sun’s shadow points at the direction of Ka’bah in Mecca.

However, the qibla calculation using sun was flawed. We noticed recently that it did not display the additional information even when the sun or its shadow can actually be used to determine the qibla direction at a given day. So, we made a quick fix in this and updated the code.

Now, if you notice, depending on your chosen location, there should be more information about the qibla. Look at the bottom part of the widget! (See image above) The widget can now be used as a practical guide to qibla direction.

Hope you find this useful.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.


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