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As internet has been part of daily life for more and more muslims in the world, the needs to experience good islamic contents from the internet increase. The problem is to organize and to select the good ones from the vast amount of information offered. Islam Web 2.0 Toolbar is created just in this direction.

This post reviews this widget that I think is a useful companion when browsing the internet.

So, what is it exactly? This toolbar is an add-on for Firefox browser. Once installed, it will sit on your browser’s top area presenting several new decorated menus. The content of the toolbar is the most important strength of this widget. It also lends to its usefulness in term of  organizing islamic content from the web.

The creator of the toolbar described it as follows:

Next Generation Islamic Toolbar…. WITH THIS LITTLE STRIP OF BROWSER YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE DIGITAL MUSLIM COMMUNITY. Watch over 30 LIVE Islamic TV Channels like Peace TV, Afasy TV, Huda TV, Saudi TV & Islam Channel. It includes the collection of Best Islamic Blogs, Islamic Radio Stations, Customized Islamic Search engines, Quran Reader, Learning Arabic, Email Notifier, News from Al Jazeera, Exclusive Links and Weather forecast.

The collection of islamic web resources is picked by the author. However there is also option to customized towards your need. For example, if you have your own local favorite radio, you can add it to the toolbar too. A couple of Alhabib Islamic Widget is also featured in the toolbar.

Below is several screenshots of the toolbar in action:

Islam Web 2.0 Toolbar Look

Toolbar’s look.

Islam Web 2.0 Toolbar Link Feature

Toolbar’s activity link feature.

Islam Web 2.0 Toolbar Search FeatureToolbar search feature.

The toolbar is also designed to be a community tools. It lets you chat with others using the toolbar and the author also invites users to engage in several online activity. The latest one is: Ramadan Quran Contest. There you can submit your daily recitation and see at what extend others have read the Quran. Fastabiqul khairat, go for a race in doing good deeds…

The toolbar can be downloaded here.

Hope this is useful.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.


  1. Jazakallah Khair for adding the blog on Seerah (Prophet Muhammad) in the Feeds of the toolbar.

    Shukran Jazeelan as well.

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