Asmaul Husna Widget: the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

The asmaul husna or the beautiful names of Allah are well known among muslims and are encouraged to be known or memorised. Allah itself says in the Qur’an that muslims should use its various names in their dua or supplications. There are 99 names of them as mentioned in the hadith from the Prophet.

Now you can display these names framed in a islamic ornament on your blogs.

As usual you can take a look at: Alhabib Islamic Widget.

16 thoughts on “Asmaul Husna Widget: the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

  1. بيوت الله من اجمل الاماكن

  2. Salam, i find it is difficult for the widget to really appear on the facebook wall=( i really love it but when i refresh my profile, noone can see the widget unless u click on it

    1. yes, you’re right. We have seen this problem too. Please pray for us to be able to fix it in the near future.

      We have another info: it is the policy of facebook not to have the flash movie automatically plays on the profile page.

    2. I am aware of this issue. But unfortunately, it is from the Facebook’s side. They limit the use of flash widgets.

      That is as far as I know.

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