Islamic Calendar for 2015 CE (1436 – 1437 AH)

Islamic calendar for 2015 CE which includes islamic months in the hijri years of 1436 and 1437 AH has been available. As usual, we have prepared two versions of the calendar: Ummul Qura and Global. The Ummul Qura one is based on the Saudi Arabia system which calculates the position of the moon relative to Makkah. The Global hijri calendar is based on the possibility of crescent moon sightings anywhere in the world.

Screenshot of PDF version of the Islamic Calendar for 2015.
Screenshot of PDF version of the Islamic Calendar for 2015.

We have also prepared the PDF versions of both calendars. There is also information on the important dates for muslims such as Eids, ramadan and islamic new year.

Please visit the following pages at Alhabib Web Service:

Hope these calendars would be useful for you.

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