Islamic Calendar Rajab 1432 AH – Download

All praise be to Allah, now is available monthly islamic calendar for the month of Rajab 1432 AH (anno hegira – after hijra). The month of Rajab 1432, based on the islamic calendar Ummul Qura, Saudi Arabia, consists of 29 days. Rajab 1432 starts at 3rd of June and ends at 1st of July 2011. This calculated month length is the same as calendar based on global prediction of moon sighting.

In this month of Rajab there is one occassion that some muslims commemorate, namely the Isra’ Mi’raj of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. At the 27th night of Rajab, Prophet Muhammad was traveled by Allah from Makkah to Jerussalem and then up to the Heaven and back. In this year, Isra’ Mi’raj comes on 29 June 2011.

You can download the Rajab 1432 AH calendar, which is available as a printable PDF file, by following this link:

Monthly Islamic Calendar – Rajab 1432 AH.

Kalender Islam Bulanan – Rajab 1432 Hijriyah (indonesian version).

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