Daily Prayer Times Widget Released

Alhamdulillaah, all praise be to Allah alone, the Lord of the Universe, that has enabled me to finish and release the Daily Prayer Times widget. This widget will display the muslim prayer times or salat times for the current day for set location. Additionally, it displays a little information about the Qibla direction for the  location and whether you can use the sun or its shadow to determine it on the current day. It is currently released as an embeded HTML page widget using iframe tag. Because of this, it will not readily available for all blog or social networking platforms.

The widget is accompanied with a configuration page that is designed to be user friendly. The page allows you to set your location and find your city easily with the help of Google Map. All you need to do is entering your city’s name and country and the page will find the place, set the coordinate and timezone needed to calculate the prayer times. If required, you can also set the coordinate, change the place’s name and timezone manually. For those who know more about the several juristic methods (fiqh) available to determine the prayer times, there is also an option to set this.

And lastly, there is a few settings that allows you to change the appearance of the displayed prayer times widget. Currently the widget is available in three languages: english, indonesian, and arabic. It can also be displayed in several different color themes to match your preference or your blog theme.

The salat times widget is available in the islamic widget section of the main Alhabib Islamic Web Service. I hope you find this useful.

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