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Menentukan Arah Kiblat dengan matahari
How To, Qibla Direction

Times to Check Qibla Direction using the Sun

One of the most accurate way to determine Qibla direction is by looking at the direction of…

How To

Using HTML Gadget to Display Islamic Widget in Blogspot

Some of you reported difficulties using the automatic post to insert Alhabib islamic widgets in your blogs….

How To

Adding Alhabib’s Widget to Blogspot

There is an important change in the way to log in into your Blogger account or Blogspot…

How To

Virtual Tour to Masjid-al-Aqsa in Jerusalem

I have just stumbled upon a website providing a great service allowing the visitors to be on…

How To

Amazing Panoramic Virtual Tour of Islamic Sites

Recently I have stumbled upon a great islamic website that offers the visitors many beautiful virtual tours…

Islamic Hijri Calendar Converter
How To, Islamic Calendar

Hijri Calendar Converter Widget Released

Sometimes ago, a visitor ask me after visiting my Hijri Calendar Converter Page: “how can i put…