Ten English Words that Come from Arabic

It is well known that muslims had reached their golden age at around 1000 far preceeding the rise of europeans. With the domination of muslim sultanates or reigns at that times, the arabic language spreaded across their territory. The scientific achievement of the muslim world were also paving way for the european to build and […]

Global March to Jerusalem will Expect 2 Millions

The organizing committee of the Global March to Jerusalem expects the participation of more than two million people in the march which will be started from the surrounding countries of Palestine, the Palestinian territories, and some other capitals on March 30, 2012. “Several international personalities and organizations will join the Global March to Jerusalem that […]

Muslim Taxi Drivers Prohibited to Pray by Employer

Eight Muslim cab drivers in Orlando, Fla., claim their employer prohibited them from praying during work hours, and even assaulted and fired one of them for doing so. Now they’re filing complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that they were discriminated against on the basis of their religion and national origin. The eight […]

USD 50K Fine for Muslim Scarf Discrimination

A security firm in Philadelphia was ordered to pay USD 50K fine by the court for discrimination against a muslim woman employee. Julie Holloway-Russell, a de­­vout Muslim, was accepted as a part-time security officer when she, wearing a khimar (headscarf), applied for an employment at Philadelphia Convention Center. The firm, Imperial Security hired her. But, […]