Wasolim: Muslim Prayer Times Application for Blackberry

Wasolim is a useful application for Blackberry cellular phones. The name is rather cryptic although it sounds as an arabic word. It actually stands for “Waktu solat & imsakiyah” or in english: “Prayer and imsak times“.

The application is designed for Blackberry users and incorporate latest geo-localisation technology using GPS and GoogleMap. This ensures that you can set your location accurately which will result in correct prayer times.

Not only daily prayer times, the Wasolim application can also calculate and display monthly prayer schedule for your location. There is also an option to set a reminder whenever prayer times are due. You can set to hear Adzan sound or other alarms.

The display and user interface of Wasolim is simple, clean and boldly islamic in style with its green, yellow color.

You can have this application by visiting the Download section on wasolim.com website. Although the application is in english, the website is largely in indonesian language.

Hope this information is useful.

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