JavaScript-based islamic calendar by Alhabib
Islamic Calendar

Update to Javascript-based Islamic Calendar

This is just a quick announcement that the javascript-based, text-style hijri calendar has been updated. The update…

Golden Seal of the Prophet Muhammad
Alhabib Website

Golden Islamic Wallpapers of Prophet Muhammad

You may have noticed that there is a special blog from Alhabib that features beautiful islamic pictures,…

Islamic Greeting Card

Islamic New Year Greeting Cards Collection Updated

Just a quick note, with the coming of the islamic new year 1431 AH I have added…

Islamic Greeting Card

Islamic New Year Cards at Alhabib

In about one week, the islamic or hijri year of 1430 will come to an end. On…

Alhabib's Blog new layout
Alhabib Website

A New Face for Alhabib’s Blog

This is just a quick note, as some of you may have noticed, that the theme of…

Islamic Greeting Card

Eid ul Adha Greeting Cards with Qurban Theme

Alhamdulillaah, all praise be to Allah, approaching the Eid ul Adha day this 1430 Hijri year which…