You can now put islamic flash widget on your wordpress blog

Wordpress with islamic widgetI just found an arabic version of this how-to here.

أضف التقويم الهجري إلى مدونتك المجانية .. وبأشكال رائعة

Recently, I came across a wordpress blog that display the Islamic Widgets on its sidebar. I was curious, because the widget is not the one which is based on image. It is the flash widget, complete with its animation.

Wow, that is new! (At least for me)

I have tried to figure out how to insert a flash widget in wordpress before without results. Many blogs also talk about this, and say that there is a restriction put in place for free wordpress users. They cannot freely use flash widgets on their blog.

It seems they have make some changes to allow embedding flash widgets. There are two ingredients to allow flash embedding in wordpress: the regular embedding code and gigya. The later is a service that allows web publishers to give their visitors codes to embed the flash widget in almost any website or blogs.

Enough for the intro, now comes the technical part. The embedding is not a straightforward process:

  1. Use the gigya post-to-blog dialog blog to have the flash widget posted automatically to your wordpress blog.
  2. Go to your new post, edit and get the code you need to put the widget in the sidebar.

Those are two basic steps you need to insert the widget in your worpress blog. If you still need further assistance, below is step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Detailed Instructions

howto-flash-widget-wp-01 01. In the customization page of each islamic flash widget on my site, there is a BLOG ME! button that you should click to get the embed code or post options.
howto-flash-widget-wp-02 02. Click the WordPress button presented among other social network sites above the embed code.
howto-flash-widget-wp-03 03. Another dialog window appear where you have to enter the login information to your WordPress blog. Your username and password will not be collected. They are only used to post the widget to your blog. Make sure the web address of your blog is right (sometimes it is different from your username if you have multiple blogs).
howto-flash-widget-wp-04 04. Wait for a moment while the widget is posted to your blog. You will be notified if the post is successful.
howto-flash-widget-wp-05 05. Now, close the dialog window and go to your WordPress blog and log-in.

Go to your Dashboard and get the list of Posts by clicking the Edit button.

howto-flash-widget-wp-06 06. There you can see a new post titled with the widget type. Click the Edit link to see the content.
howto-flash-widget-wp-07 07. You should see something similar to the picture at left in your post content under Visual tab. Select the entire code, from the opening square bracket until the closing bracket at the very end. Copy the code. You can right click the selection and use the copy command or just press Ctrl+C keys.
howto-flash-widget-wp-08 08. Now go to the Appearance box and click the Widgets button to start adding the code in your sidebar.
howto-flash-widget-wp-09 09. From the list of Widgets, choose Text widget and click Add. The Text widget is now added to your active sidebar widgets at right panel. Edit the Text widget to expand the button and reveal the text area where you can paste the code that you have copied earlier from the post.
howto-flash-widget-wp-10 10. The code should now be written on the Text widget box. Additionally, you can add a title for the widget. Click DONE and do not forget to SAVE CHANGES to the sidebar widget panel.
howto-flash-widget-wp-11 11. After you save your changes, you can go to your WordPress blog homepage to see if the widget is already activated. It is there? Congratulations, now you can savely remove your Post if you do not want to have the widget in it.

That is all you have to do to put beautiful islamic widgets on your favorite WordPress blog.

Habib bin Hilal

Habib bin Hilal is Editor in Chief of this blog and manager of the website: Alhabib - Coloring with Islam.

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      Well, if you have followed my instruction carefully, it should work. That is what I know…

      If you wish you can tell me your wordpress blog’s address. May be I can see what is going wrong after you followed the steps in this post.

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    Is there a way to add these widgets to the sidebar instead of in a post?

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    is there any respons why it failed sis?

    i used to click th widget and get th embeb then paste onto text then save.

    this is some ways of how to post th widget

    Click the Edit link to see the content.You can right click the selection ,Now go to the Appearance box and click the Widgets button to start adding the code in your sidebar…